Pleasure and/or dismay
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First time can be a shock

I was 13. I was in the bath. I wont go into specifics but it scared the s*** out of me.

15 year old, Australia

OH F*** WHAT HAPPENED - why the f*** am I wet?

11 year old, Canada


literally means 'the body's act of throwing/shooting out a little something' and refers to semen coming out of the erect penis. (slang - cum, shoot your wad, spooging, blow your load, blast, bust, splooge)
the fluid in which sperm live. (slang - cum, jizz, spooge)
to stir into action (or excite) your sexual nature
Intense feelings and muscle contractions associated with ejaculation.

When will I be able to ejaculate?

You are only able to ejaculate semen once puberty has begun in your life. Prior to this, a young boy is able to achieve the good feelings of orgasm without ejaculating semen. In fact a boy can enjoy the good feelings of orgasm over and over as long as he likes. It is only after semen is produced in the body that guys become restricted to one or two orgasms at a time.

Once puberty has kicked in, semen production is one of the early stages of the maturing process and you are able to ejaculate small amounts of semen when you orgasm. The amount of semen increases as you mature. The amount of semen ejaculated varies greatly from male to male.

How ejaculation happens

Ejaculation doesn't just happen by itself - there is always an event leading up to becoming sexually 'turned on' to the point where you have an orgasm and semen comes out of your erect penis.

Some of the events that can lead to ejaculation:

  • Rubbing your penis on purpose (masturbation)
  • Rubbing your penis accidentally (e.g. penis rubbing on your clothes)
  • A sexy dream (wet dream)
  • Another person touching your body in a way to turn you on
  • Vibration (e.g. on a motor bike)
  • Cuddling/kissing/having sex with another person
  • Seeing something that really turns you on quickly

Spontaneous ejaculation (cum in your pants)

Ejaculation can happen without warning - spontaneous ejaculation seems to happen to some young guys early in puberty while the mind is still working out this new sexuality thing.

I was in the public library and I was reading a sex education book. I don't recall the specific content, but I was getting aroused. At some point, I realized too late that I'd gone beyond the point of inevitability. My eyes squeezed closed and I went off in my pants – no hands, no motion – just the power of the printed word.

age 14, Virginia [1]

I was helping my dad in the garage using an orbital sander on a piece of wood. I was sitting down and had the piece of wood on my lap. Being 13, getting an erection at odd times was nothing new to me, so I didn't think much about it when it happened. Instead, I just kept sanding away. The orgasm came pretty quickly and before I realized it, I had ejaculated into my jeans. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so it made a pretty good wet spot. Still, I was able to cover it up until it dried and no one was the wiser.

age 13, Connecticut [1]

The weirdest time I had an orgasm with no hands was on the school bus when I was about 15. The vibrations through the stiff seats always gave me an erection, but once this low vibration continued for about half a minute, and I was so horny I climaxed (ejaculated) right on the bus. It was an hour trip home, so I was kind of uncomfortable during the rest of the ride!

age 13, Louisiana [1]

I was jumping on a trampoline in the school gym. In the middle of a routine I got this incredible sensation, and before I knew it I was ejaculating in my pants. It was one of the greatest sensations and best orgasms I've ever had.

age 17, California [1]

Once when I was 14 I had an orgasm in study hall. A girl was showing me her breasts, and I got so hot I ejaculated in my pants.

age 14 Washington [1]

Pee at weird angles?

After ejaculating, some of your semen remains in your urethra (the semen/pee-tube inside your penis). When your penis goes limp after ejaculating, some of the semen remaining in the urethra 'melts' and comes out of your penis later on - onto your underwear. You can reduce the effect by squeezing along your penis (milking the remaining semen out) immediately after masturbating and also when your penis goes down after ejaculating.

Other semen dries in the end of the urethra and partially blocks the outlet - causing your pee to come out at wierd angles the next morning (completely missing the toilet sometimes). Do the right thing and clean up your mess at the toilet.

Shoot or dribble

Some guys shoot their semen when they ejaculate and others dribble their semen when they cum. Neither way is more correct, however shooting seems to feel better some guys claim.

If you are concerned about trying to shoot your semen, read on. You will have more chance of shooting semen if you leave masturbating until you are really horny. You will also have more chance of shooting semen if you have a time of being sexually aroused before you actually masturbate. Your circumstances over time can change what you had perceived as normal for you with ejaculation - a dribbler changing to shooting your semen.

You might also find you are shooting some semen at the same time you are dribbling semen out of your penis. Because of the feelings and whole body experience of ejaculation, you are not in a good position to see if some of your semen is shooting out when most of it seems to be dribbling out of your penis.

You could video your ejaculation on your mobile phone and see what is really happening as you cum - you might be surprised. If it is concerning you enough to go ahead and video yourself, place the phone in front of you about 18 inches (45cm) away, otherwise any fine stream of shooting semen can get lost in the background if you video from another direction. Obviously erase the video when you are finished before someone else sees you in action - you can't get someone to un-watch a video of you masturbating.

If you happen to see a video of ejaculation on the web, or read stories of how far guys shoot semen you will most likely wonder what is wrong with you. Be sceptical - the semen shooting demonstration on the web would only represent a small proportion of guys capable of this. The guy could also be using illegal drugs that cause him to be hyper-sexual. Don't be tempted down that path - normal sex will be nothing afterwards. Guys ALWAYS exaggerate their sexual exploits including how far they shoot semen - especially when they can be anonymous on the web.

A study by Alfred Kinsey revealed 75% of males dribble semen and 25% shoot semen when they ejaculate. You will never read about guys bragging of dribbling semen. Shooting semen is one of those myths that indicate more 'maleness'. It is not true - shoot or dribble - both are capable of giving pleasure and producing children.

Pre-cum (Cowper's secretion)

Most boys will get a small amount of fluid coming out of their penis when they are sufficiently aroused sexually. This happens well before the guy is anywhere near ejaculating. (Pre-cum is not to be confused with urine or semen) The wet area pre-cum leaves on your clothes can be embarrassing. The purpose of the pre-cum fluid is to be a lubricant during sex and also to neutralize certain fluids within the woman's urethra so the sperm will make it through alive.

Some guys have very little pre-cum while other guys have up to 5 ml (teaspoon). Mostly a guy needs to be aroused before pre-cum appears. Some guys though only need to be in the presence of another person they have strong feelings towards for the pre-cum process to start. Still other guys only need to see a situation which turns them on for the pre-cum to begin flowing.

Nothing can be done to stop the pre-cum fluid when you become sufficiently horny (aroused). Wearing briefs (underpants) with double layers in the front section can help delay the wet area passing through to your clothes. Pre-cum leaves trails like 'snail trails' or 'little maps of Africa' in your underpants when the pre-cum dries!

The trails won't wash out in the washing machine and need action to remove. Firstly don't use hot water - hot water will lock the stain into the fabric. If the stain is dry, rub the affected area vigorously against some other part of the underwear until the 'snail trails' are removed, then wash as normal in the washing machine. You can also use a brush with strong bristles to remove the dry precum residue. If the trail is still wet, apply cold water to the underpants and rub the stain until the slimy feel of the stain is gone. Next, wash as normal in the washing machine.

Tasting cum

I always want to try and eat it, i fantasize about it... but once i cum, i lose all interest and can't bring myself to try it.

19 year old, New York [1]

A lot of guys will go through a phase where they have a strong curiosity to see what their semen tastes like. Mostly the strong curiosity lasts until they actually cum and then the desire leaves them immediately! Apparently the taste will change greatly in response to the type of food the guy has eaten recently. There does not appear to be any harm in tasting your own semen (cum), however tasting another guy's carries all the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Cleaning up semen stains

First remove the semen as quickly as possible by placing your finger next to it (not on it) and roll it up while moving over the semen. The goal here is to lift the semen from the fabric as soon as possible, be careful not to rub it in more then absolutely necessary. How to remove semen stains

Questions about semen

Most of the time when I masturbate, my semen smells like Clorox bleach. This just started about a month ago, and I am getting really worried.

Age 14 Sydney [1]

Relax! The smell is completely normal. Some people describe it as smelling like Ajax or some other kind of cleanser. The bleach-like smell is extremely common, if not universal. [1]

I'm 16, and something's been bothering me for a while. I was wondering if semen is always supposed to be pure white, because mine is usually kind of yellowish. Does that mean I have some sort of problem?

Age 17 Birmingham [1]

No. Many males report a yellowish tint to the semen. If you have a serious health concern, though, you should talk to your doctor. [1]

What's the average amount of semen for a 13-year-old? I read that it's a few teaspoons, but I don't know what age male you were referring to. I squirt about three small squirts, but not a teaspoon.

age 13, Michigan [1]

Well, a teaspoon is a pretty small amount. I was giving a rough estimate I believe the actual amount for an adult male is 2 to 3 milliliters, which isn't that much. You're probably average for your age. [1]

I just turned 14, and I like to masturbate a lot. But I still don't "shoot" when I ejaculate, and my sperm is still clear. Should I be worried? I seem to be a little more through puberty then the average kid at my school.

Age 14 Auckland [1]

There's no need to worry. Some guys never get their semen to "shoot" out of their penis. If your semen remains "clear" after a couple more years, though, you might want to talk to a doctor about it. [1]

At what age do you produce milky semen? Mine is still clear, but a little creamy.

age 12, Alabama [1]

The "clear" stage happens when some of the parts that make up semen are there but others aren't. The 'milkiness' should happen pretty soon no rush, though! Semen tends to be more watery when you first start ejaculating. [1]

Other guys' first ejaculation

How did you feel when you ejaculated for the first time?

Not surprisingly, most peoples' answer included something about how great it felt. However, about 15 or 20% mentioned that it hurt the first or second time, but then it was much better later on. Also, some people mentioned guilt and shame as the first reaction, which is very interesting. And the number of people who didn't know what had happened slightly outnumbered those who knew immediately what it was. This, of course, is unfortunate -- nobody should be surprised and frightened by his first ejaculation. [1]

The first time I ejaculated I felt two things: one, extreme pleasure, and two, a little dirtiness. I didn't exactly know what had just happened, and all I wanted to do was take a shower!

age 16, New York [1]

I felt like I had sinned.

age 15, Florida [1]

I felt really nasty the first time I ejaculated. I thought I had done something wrong.

age 16, Florida [1]

I felt like crying -- immensely satisfied, yet guilty.

age 16, Illinois [1]

It scared me. It felt really good, but I had never experienced anything like that. I thought, 'Boy I'm never doing that again!'

age 14, Pennsylvania [1]

I was 13 when I first ejaculated - I discovered it by accident. I had to apply lotion over all of my body because of a skin condition. When I applied it to my penis, I learnt first hand about ejaculation - white stuff came out - I thought I had urinated!

When I was 12, I had been masturbating for a few months, but had been stopping before orgasm because the feeling became so intense. One day I decided to push myself just a little farther than before. I had heard other boys talk about masturbating but had no idea what was about to happen. When the semen came flying out, I was unprepared! It spurted all over everywhere, making a mess. The color, thickness, smell, and force of the contractions were all totally unexpected. I freaked out! I wish I had known about this before that first time.

age 18, Texas [1]

I had just turned 13 and ejaculated with my very first orgasm. I was terrified and panic stricken! Right after a Saturday night bath, I still had an erection that had started when I was washing my penis. It felt so nice that I went to the sink, soaped up my hand, and started to rub it again. Within minutes, this strange feeling came over me. I thought I had started peeing and couldn't stop. Then I realized that pee is yellow and the consistency of water. This stuff was cloudy, whitish, and gooey. The only thing I could think of was that this fluid must be pus from a bad infection. Even worse, it kept oozing out of me! Ten minutes later, some of it was still oozing out! Now I started to panic seriously. I broke out in a sweat. What if I need to go to a doctor? I couldn't tell my mom how it happened! I would rather die! Being a church going little boy, I prayed to God to cure me! I promised I would never, ever do that again! I fell asleep with tears of fright in my eyes. When morning came, everything was miraculously back to normal. No more pus oozed out and I felt fine! In church that morning, I thanked God for my cure! Later that day, my curiosity and that *super feeling* were getting the best of me. By evening, I was back in the bathroom again!

age 46, Ohio [1]

I think any father really owes it to his son(s) to tell them about masturbation to tell them what to expect and that it's perfectly normal and a healthy thing to do. My dad never talked to me about sex, and I didn't have an older brother to tell me about masturbation or ejaculation or wet dreams. It happened when I was 12 years old I was taking a shower and had an erection the whole time, so I way playing with my penis, rubbing soap and then hair conditioner up and down on it. All of a sudden, I got this feeling like I needed to pee really bad (the only thing my penis had ever done for me up to that point!), and then *BOOM* all of this thick white stuff began shooting out. It felt great, but I was scared to death! I thought maybe I had ruptured something inside. I thought maybe blood was going to come out of me. I had no way of knowing that it would last only a few seconds. I imagined having to hold a towel over it and having to call out to my parents for help. I was afraid I would wind up in the emergency room or that they would punish me if they knew I had been "playing" with myself. I was so scared by the whole thing that I swore to myself I would never do it again ... HA! Just two nights later, again in the shower, I did it again just to see if I could and I've been enjoying masturbation for the past 22 years now.

age 34, Texas [1]

I felt like the gates of Heaven had just opened, the earth surged through me, and the oceans plowed my breath away.

age 25, Mississippi [1]

Your body now produces sperm and semen and it will be released from your body either through a wet dream or a deliberate act (e.g. masturbation or sex with another person). The desire to periodically release semen can't be turned off!

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